Tumeric & Skin Care

Tumeric the golden spice has been used for ages across the globe for good reason it has so many benefits for the skin and if internally ingested the benefits increase.

so what’s all this fuss about Tumeric, its yellow tastes strong and stains your skin? why use it ? Here’s a bit of background so we can get a clear idea of why you should (if you haven’t already) kick those chemical filled products to the curb.

Originating in South East Asia, also known as  Curcumin  or if you feel like using the proper latin terminology Curcuma longa synonym C. domestica.  It’s also a member of the ginger family. I could write for DAYS on the extensive research and benefits and ways to use turmeric, so to sum it up for you;

  • it’s an anti-inflammatory AND an antioxidant. 
  •  it can help lower cholesterol. (if ingested regularly)
  • helps to reduce menstrual pain (no joke)
  • helps in protecting our liver from toxins and can cure an upset stomachs helping in digestion.
  • Can calm down flatulence and bloating. 
  • Will help skin stay radiant and reduce acne and hair loss (again it’s not a miracle you need to ingest it regularly )
  • its recognized by Health Canada as a powerful anti-inflammatory and joint-pain reliever. 

those are just a few internal benefits lets see why we should slap some orange putty on our face

  • acne and cystic acne (yes it really does work)  inhibits the growth bacteria and especially red or pus-filled pimples, anti-inflammatory properties accelerate healing.
  • Vitiligo: Tetrahydrocurcumin enhances the results of UVB phototherapy used for vitiligo.
  •  one of the few natural ingredients that helps skin tightening (boosts collagen production) helps with reduction of fine lines due to the antioxidants and UV protection properties (you still need to wear sunscreen)
  • it’s a great natural cleanser and toner 
  • works wonders on sensitive skin 
  • Anti-cancer: Turmeric helps in fighting cancer by stopping the proliferation of cancer cells and causing their death. 
  • fungicide
  • the oil keeps mosquitoes away!

let’s get to the good stuff I’m going to give you a few ways to attain the benefits of this wonderful spice. I will say that this spice will help you attain your skin goals however it is NOT an overnight miracle like anything you need to ingest or apply regularly and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle on top of using this spice. Used regularly you’ll see results after only a few uses.


Way One 

Add a healthy pinch to your eggs in the morning! The best way to benefit from this spice is to ingest it! There is no lack of recipes, teas and smoothies. To see some wonderful easy recipes check out Eatthis recipes here.


I love this web page they always give good skin care recipes! Follow the directions on Livestrong`s site to start your new routine of skin care! (P.S the acne mask really does work!)


Familiarize yourself, read everything , go to youtube watch videos on different masks and see what different vloggers have experienced. Try new recipes, new creations with the ancient wonder spice Tumeric.

Be adventurous and Have fun!